Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Student Loans Can Pay Off NOW

File your FAFSA to go to college for free & get thousands of dollars cash money in your pocket!  FAFSA stands for: Free Application For Student Aid.  The government awards over $150 billion each year in student aid!  

There are many schools you can choose from but Liberty University has an easy ONLINE program and does not require any money up front as an application fee, thus, you may literally go back to school ONLINE (their courses are very simple and the atmosphere is very uplifting) and get money in your pocket (enough to live off of) with no start-up costs (they even provide book vouchers and will let you start classes with just your unofficial transcripts, PLUS you can get a check for 2 or 3 thousand dollars ten short days after classes start). They also provide many discounts to popular retailers and will give you your own bank account.  Classes only last 8 weeks and you only need to start 2 classes in 1 semester to qualify for financial aid disbursement (to get your money).  Classes start several times each semester, so enroll today! 

Learn how to apply for FREE student aid from the government: Click here to read the instructions!  When you fill out your FAFSA elect the student loan option to cover your cost of living (loans are low interest and no credit check is required).  You will automatically be awarded grants to cover books and tuition.  PLUS, if you choose a job in public service you can eliminate a good portion of your student loan debt: Click here to learn more. 

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